Audio Teachings

Recent Calvary Chapel Ann Arbor teachings in mp3 format:

3/22/20Rev. 20:11-15The Great White Throne JudgmentClick here
3/15/20Rev. 20:1-10The Millennial KingdomClick here
3/8/20Rev. 19The Triumphant Return of ChristClick here
3/1/20Rev. 18The Fall of Commercial Babylon; True RichesClick here
2/23/20Rev. 17The Woman Riding the BeastClick here
2/16/20Rev. 16The Seven Bowls Poured OutClick here
2/9/20Rev. 15The Seven BowlsClick here
2/2/20Rev. 14The Last CallClick here
1/26/20Rev. 13The BeastClick here
1/19/20Rev. 12The Dragon ThwartedClick here
1/5/20Rev. 11The Two Witnesses; The 7th Trumpet SoundsClick here
12/29/19Rev. 10The Little BookClick here
12/22/19Lk. 2:4-14The Birth of JesusClick here
12/15/19Rev. 9The Fifth & Sixth Trumpets SoundClick here
12/8/19Rev. 8The Opening of the Seventh SealClick here
12/1/19Rev. 7The 144K and the Great MultitudeClick here
11/24/19Rev. 6The Opening of the 1st Six SealsClick here
11/17/19Rev. 5The Scroll and the LambClick here
11/10/19Rev. 4The Throne Room of HeavenClick here
11/3/19Rev. 3:14-22The Lukewarm ChurchClick here
10/27/19Rev. 3:7-13The Faithful ChurchClick here
10/20/19Rev. 3:1-6The Dead ChurchClick here
10/13/19Rev. 2:18-29The Controlled ChurchNot Available
10/6/19Rev. 2:12-17The Compromising ChurchClick here
9/29/19Rev. 2:8-11The Persecuted ChurchClick here
9/22/19Rev. 2:1-7Returning to Our First LoveClick here
9/15/19Rev. 1John’s Vision of JesusClick here
6/16/19Daniel 9:24-27The Seventy Weeks of DanielClick here
6/9/19Daniel 9:1-23Daniel’s PrayerClick here
6/2/19Daniel 8Daniel’s Vision of the Ram & the GoatClick here
5/26/19Daniel 7Daniel’s Vision of the Four BeastsClick here
5/19/19Daniel 6Daniel in the Lion’s DenNot Available
5/12/19Daniel 5The Writing on the WallNot Available
5/5/19Daniel 4The King’s Second DreamNot Available
4/28/19Daniel 3The Fiery FurnaceClick here
4/14/19Daniel 2:24-49Daniel Interprets the King’s DreamNot Available
4/7/19Daniel 2:1-23The King’s DreamNot Available
3/31/19Daniel 1Daniel & His Friends Obey GodClick here

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